A photographic project about the custom world and motorcycle events. The machines, the people, their emotions..
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Paulo Santos, main photographer

Born in Portugal, in 1963, Paulo Santos began his professional career in the industrial electrics and electronics area. Has perfected is knowledge in industrial mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, CAD and machinery.
But having a big passion for photography, computer science, graphic design and motorcycling, finally he could put it all together in a single dream and worked as a journalist, photojournalist web designer and graphic designer.
For seven years, as a director of a Portuguese motorcycle magazine, he traveled numerous countries in search for articles. After the end of the project, he continued to work with several European magazines.
In 2014 Paulo Santos was honored by Casino Lisboa, being invited to exhibit is photographic work at the Art Gallery, dedicated to his passion: the motorcycling culture. The big opening had about 300 guests and the exhibition lasted eleven weeks. The Art Gallery of Casino Lisboa is visited for about 3,000 people a day.

“Life is made of passions. Never stop dreaming!.



A photographic project about the custom world and motorcycle events. The machines, the people, their emotions...


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