Custom Forever about us

Custom Forever is a photography project of pure passion, in the name of custom, its culture and community.
And some passions just can’t be explained, they are unconditional, they born with us.

And at the same time, it’s a tribute to the friendship, to the good friends, in a world that we could simply live in peace, but there’s always someone who thinks otherwise.

So, welcome to the Custom World, a parallel universe.


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  • 1.600 ft² of occupied area, 860 ft² of printed area and 100 ft of front.
  • 24 display panels, with a total of 306 pictures.
  • 300 VIP guests and theme night on opening day, at Arena Lounge.
  • 11 weeks of exhibition with about 3,000 casino visitors per day.


Many thanks for the invitation and for the support of the technical team.
Personal big thanks to Jaime Luiz – Mete Duty Manager.

  • Official photo report Iron Maiden World Tour “The Final Frontier”, performance in Portugal.
  • The pictures below are not the official World Tour, since they only can be seen at the Iron Maiden official website. These are our pictures of other Iron Maiden and British Lion (Steve Harris) performances.


Here you can see some examples of our report and our standard:

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Supporting the brave, supporting the free world.
Slava Ukraini !

Very sorry, but you will not be able to read this message.
This website is simply blocked to Russia and Belarus. You are neither welcome nor needed.
However, we even have something in common with you. We also fight… but for a better world.
I know, it’s sounds weird to you.

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This website is dedicated to the memory of Leonor Lobato. Because friends are forever.